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Musicianship Festival

December 13, 2020 All day

*writing test only*

Written Music Theory / Aural Tests / Sight Reading

This event will be held online

Entry fee $10/student
Application Deadline:  Monday, November 23, 2019

If your students have not participated in the Musicianship Festival, we encourage you to give it a try. All teachers know that students should be well versed in the various aspects of music theory (note identification, note and rest values, rules of notation, musical terms and signs) and the ability to recognize these things aurally. Students should be able to translate theoretical information into reading and playing written music. Yet, in reality, music theory, ear training and sight reading frequently take a back seat during lesson time because, lets’s face it, learning to play music on an instrument is challenging enough!

The beauty of the Musicianship Festival is that it give teachers a tool to organize and focus students’ music theory studies. With sample exams and the syllabus posted online, teachers can confidently prepare students and easily work through the material at each lesson leading up to the festival.

In addition, your students will earn District 4 points toward a trophy. The higher a student’s score, the more points they earn. (Remember that all of District 4’s programs earn students points toward a trophy.)

Teachers as well as students are motivated by working toward a goal. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Please note that students are permitted to repeat levels as often as needed to master the material.

We have also added a sight reading component to the exam intended to help students see a connection between theoretical training and playing music. Additionally, we hope to assist students in their preparation with the NYSSMA sight reading requirements and are using the NYSSMA rubric in conjunction with the Musicianship syllabus to compile sight reading examples. This portion is extra credit only.


Exams are electronically distributed Sunday, December 13 in the morning or early afternoon and students must download, complete, scan and return by 5 pm, on December 13.

Fees and Deadlines

Fee:  $10 per student. Non-members must pay $50 for a participation fee for this event. Please consolidate your payment as one via PayPal and no parents signing up for the event or pay directly to the organization.

Please contact Christine Johannsen for more info: (845) 628-7980 or chrisj.rage@gmail.com



December 13


Christine Johannsen