Young Originals

Sunday, May 15, 4:00 PM

Application Deadline: Monday, April 25, 2022

Join NYSMTA District 4’s Student Composition Project!

Publish your students’ compositions, and give them an opportunity to perform their compositions and to hear other young composers’ works!

1  Only the members can submit the work with a fee of $18 per student.
2. Student compositions may be any length.
3. Compositions may be for any instrument, combination of instruments, dance, or film.
4. Compositions must be written in a notation program such as Musescore (Free!), Sibelius, or Finale (teachers may assist in this process) or hand written with black ink and a ruler to draw all bar lines and stems.
5. Compositions may be submitted electronically as a PDF to between May 2 and May 17, 2021. $18 entry fee per student paid via PayPal. Please consolidate your fees into one payment.
6. Participating composers are invited to perform in recitals via Zoom. The recital will be on Sunday, May 23 at 2 pm. Composers who are not performing their works themselves are responsible for organizing a group or putting it together possibly using an application such as BandLab.
7. Participating students and their teachers are awarded a copy of the Young Originals publication at after the concerts.
8. Participants are encouraged to submit music-themed artwork for the covers of the Young Originals publication. Artwork must be in black ink on white paper and should include, in large bold letters: the title, volume, year and sponsorship of the book:

YOUNG ORIGINALS / VOLUME XXXIII/ 2020/ Sponsored by the NYSMTA District 4

All artwork will be reviewed and judged. The best two entries will be used for the front and back covers of the Young Originals publication.

Sunday, May 14, 4:00 PM

Students who are performing their own compositions may not pre-record their pieces for the concert.  

Any questions? Contact Christine Johannsen at: or 845-628-7980

Christine Johannsen