Rita Kuo Memorial Fund Donation Acknowledgment

We at NYSMTA district 4 would like to thank all of these donors for their generous contributions to the Rita Chen Kuo Memorial Fund.  Rita was a passionate and dedicated teacher, and she was an active member of this organization for over 40 years.  The funds donated will be used to provide prizes for our Young Pianists Competition; the first place winners of each category will receive “Rita Chen Kuo Memorial Award”.  We are very grateful to have these resources and feel that Rita would be proud to see these funds going to such a worthwhile cause.  

J. Ackerman, M. Bernstein, T. Black,
G. Burnett, A. Campagna, Y. Chang,
J. Cheng, R. Cheng, M. Chu, S. Chu,
M. Forster, L. Forster, P. Hsu, S. Hung,
T. Hwang, H. Kaufman, A. Kung, E. Kuo,
H. Lin, S. Lin, N. Lukin, A. Marshall,
B. Mort-Zieff, B. Obzud, M. Parker,
B. Parker, K. Pezouvanis, L. Schares,
R. Matsumoto, R. Schwartz, S. Shih,
C. Storick, S. Su, T. Tempfer, T. Uchino,
S. Ventre, S. Wagner, V. Wahby, C. Wei,
J. Wooldridge, S.L. Yang, S. Yang, Y. Yang,
F. Yao, B. Yao

North America Taiwanese women’s Association, inc.
S Wei, B Wei
Westchester Musicians Guild
K Bredberg, L.K Chang, F Liberman,
H Melnick, E Poulos, T Wager, K Wiegand
Westchester Taiwanese Women Association