Awards Program

NSYMTA District 4 Students will receive Award Points for each event in which they participate. Points accumulate year to year and students will receive progressive trophy sizes at 20 point intervals.

Points are distributed in the following manner:

AUDITIONS: Gold= 5 pts., Silver= 4 pts., Red=3 pts., Green or Evaluation= 2 pts.; Awards Performance at Honors Recitals= 2 pts.

PLAY-INS: 2 pts.

MUSICIANSHIP FESTIVAL: Score of 100-95= 5  pts., 94-85= 4 pts., 84-65= 3 pts., Below 64= 2 pts.

YOUNG ORIGINALS: 5 pts for creating a score; performing score at Young Original Festical= 2pts.

If you have any questions about the District Awards Program, contact Christine Johannsen at